Hotel Marquees

A marquee can be defined as a large tent that is utilised during social or corporate events. It can be used independently on a garden or as an extension of a hotel when space is an issue. When wedding marquees are used to extend a hotel for a wedding, there are numerous benefits to the couple.

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Leaves room for creativity

The greatest benefit of the marquee is that it allows you to create the perfect venue for your wedding. What does this mean? You can add anything you want, play around with colours, add chandeliers and lighting fixtures of your choice, incorporate various forms of art and any other item of interest. Ideally, you get to create the venue of your dreams to host your wedding.

It saves on costs

There are so many ways that wedding marquees save costs. For example, you can hire an inexpensive venue and use them to turn it into a phenomenal space for the wedding. Secondly, they make it possible to replicate different venues across the world for the wedding as opposed to taking the wedding to a far flung area, a move that would increase the costs of the wedding several folds.

Third, the marquee, even if located in a hotel may not be subject to the normal hotel rates. Fourth, hotel rooms are usually hired on a timed manner, this may not apply to the marquee and therefore cost savings will be experienced if the wedding was to take longer than expected. It is therefore a great idea for those who may have different budget constraints.

Accommodates more guests

As opposed to fixed size rooms, a marquee can be created in the size that is most suitable for your guest list. This ensures that you can easily accommodate your guests without worrying about squeezing them or failing to invite some of your friends and family due to space limitations.

Ideal for all weather conditions

Marquees make it possible to have a wedding irrespective of the weather conditions. Since they incorporate heating and cooling, your guest will not freeze in cooler weather nor will they be exposed to too much heat and wind. The ability to control the internal conditions also make it ideal for dancing as well as playing different games during the wedding.


With a marquee, your wedding can take place at any time of day or night. The lighting ensures that the whole venue is well lit for the ceremony and celebrations. Besides, no one will have any reason to rush your wedding and therefore you can make as much merry as you would wish to.