Whether you are looking for golfing accommodation in troon, a secluded hotel in the Cotswolds for a romantic break, or a hotel in the middle of London's West End for a shopping trip, you have hundreds of hotels from which to choose.

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Why Stay In a Hotel?

A hotel can be defined as a building that rents out rooms to paying guests on a short term basis, usually for a few weeks or less. It may be a cliché, but a hotel really is a home away from home, whether you are staying for a couple of nights or a couple of weeks. A hotel allows you to explore somewhere different, yet return each day to the comfort and familiarity of your room. It can be welcoming and comforting in a foreign country or strange city, and can provide a peaceful escape from the noise and crowds. For many visitors, a hotel is a practical solution - just somewhere to stay when you are away from home. However, a hotel can also be a source of information; a good concierge can guide you to a good restaurant, find elusive theatre tickets or simply help with directions. Although hotels can be functional, they can also be used for a romantic getaway; one of life's pleasures is to stay in a good hotel, be pampered and enjoy fine dining just for the fun of it. And if you are visiting family with no space to put you up, a hotel room is the obvious answer.

Amenities and Facilities

Hotels vary widely in the facilities they offer, and in the UK the star rating system is largely determined by these. Prices also vary widely; in the UK you can expect to pay anything from about £40 upwards; if you book a room in the world's best hotels you can expect to pay thousands of pounds. Amenities you might expect to find include a reasonably comfortable bed, a bath and shower, television, phone, heating and air conditioning. Expect to pay more for room service, a larger room or suite, minibar or fridge in the room, early check in to rooms, and breakfast included in the room rate. if you are booking a hotel, it's worth trying to determine which facilities are important to you, and that depends on the purpose of your trip, as well as your budget. If you are travelling on business, and are using the room literally just for sleeping, you probably just want a clean, comfortable and functional room, although a business centre and Wi-Fi may be important. However, if you are treating your partner to a romantic weekend break, a jacuzzi or over-sized bath in the room may be on your list, along with room service and perhaps a bar and restaurant on site.

Just about everyone needs a hotel room at some point, whether travelling on holiday, for a job interview or a work convention. And whether you are looking for a cosy, romantic and family run establishment in the country, or a modern and efficient chain hotel in the city, you can find just the right one.