Prague is the Capital of the Czech Republic

The capital of the Czech Republic is Prague has become increasingly popular with tourists and now easily rates among Europes most romantic city break destinations.

Prague has churches, cathedrals, art galleries, museums and international music recitals offering a unique blend of historical and contemporary culture. Its magnificent architecture is the backdrop to a diverse and vibrant culture, while at night the city becomes an almost fairy tale world, making Prague one of the most exciting of the ancient European cities.

Although often overlooked by tourists, the green spaces of Letna Park offer the best views over the city. An enormous statue of Stalin once featured here, dominating the Prague skyline. The statue stood over the city for six years until Stalin was discredited and the marble monument was blown up in 1961. Today, a metronome unreliably ticks in Stalins old spot.

Prague Castle is the most popular sight visited in Prague. It is the largest ancient castle in the world

To see Prague properly, there is no alternative to walking. It couldnt be more pleasant most of it along the beautiful bridges and cobblestone streets of the cities historic core.

The Czechs drink more beer than any other country in the world. There is much conjecture as to which is the best Gambrinus, Pilsner Urquell, Kozel, Staropramen and Budvar are the leading contenders. Most pubs will only stock one or two types of beer.

Since The Velvet Revolution of 1989 Prague has become more visited. There are plenty of hotels, pensions, hostels and private accommodation available. Favourable value is sometimes better to find accommodation further away from the centre because in comparison to other world metropolises Prague is quite small and its public transport is effective so you do not have to worry that you will spend most of your time on trams and buses. If you plan going to Prague in the high season April to October, around Christmas and New Year as well as for a weekend or at the time of public holiday, you should book your accommodation ahead, preferably by at least a few weeks.

Pragues tourism growth numbers are particularly strong with Asian visitors, particularly from Japan and South Korea. Some 25 percent more Japanese tourists visited this country compared to last year.

The Czech Republic has a mild climate with warm, sometimes damp, summers and cold winters. Spring and summer tend to be the sunniest months, the period between May and August is the rainiest. Snow is rare in Prague during winter.

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